Dear Friend,


Every day we deal with issues. 

Our issues may be personal in nature, emotional, spiritual, financial, or even physical. Often, the issues we face loom large over our lives stealing away our peace and causing us to spend a great deal of money on antacids, counseling services, and other means of relief. We need to understand that often our “issues” are only “issues” because we have the wrong perception about God and what He desires to do in our life! 

Light of the Word’s mission is to teach you God’s Word, and in turn, show you God! The more you dive into Scripture the more you will know God and understand His will and plan for your life. 

Knowing God – having the right perception of Him – brings about eternal hope and blessing. Once you have the right foundation, you will find that your “issues”, even the most severe of them, serve a purpose and bring you closer to the Lord that loves you. 

I hope you join us on this journey into God’s Word . . .


In Christ,
Pastor Steve

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