In this exciting study of the book of Job, Pastor Steve focuses not on the suffering of Job, but rather on the sovereignty of God. Volume One opens up in the very throne room of God Almighty, where God is holding Satan accountable and limiting his activity. the word “almighty” is used some 30 different times in this book, showing us who really is in charge. God removed the hedge of protection he had on his servant, Job, and allowed Satan to test him in the most difficult areas of life. In one day he lost his finances, his family, his friends, and his future didn't look much better. But Job trusted God, and placed his faith above his own feelings. There were times when he lost sight of God’s goodness, but never did he lose his faith.


Title Scripture Reference Play Download
The Power of Forgiveness Job 42:7-17 MP3
The Power of Repentance Job 42:1-6 MP3
Everything is Mine Job 41:1-34 MP3
Job, Are You in Charge? Job 39-40 MP3
Hearing God in a Storm Job 38:1-3 MP3
Man Proposes, God Disposes Job 36-37 MP3
The Danger of Empty Words Job 25-26 MP3
A Weary Soul Without Hope Job 9-10 MP3
The Attitude of Suffering Job 24 MP3
Bildad’s False Assumptions Job 8 MP3
The Quest for God Job 23 MP3
God, Why Am I Your Target? Job 6-7 MP3
So Right, Yet So Wrong Job 22 MP3
I Have Seen Job 4-5 MP3
Zophar’s Verbal Abuse (Part 2) Job 20-21 MP3