Acts of the Apostles

Charged with the Great Commission, and with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the church starts to move forward in the final call of Christ unto all His disciples. This rich book is filled with many examples of how men and women of the early church chose to live a life after God. Pastor Steve Mays teaches of these life-changing messages, as he gleans from the lives of those in the Book of Acts — Peter, Stephen, and the Apostle Paul. This series will challenge you, your service and commitment to the Lord.


Title Scripture Reference Play Download
I Must See Rome Acts 27-28 MP3
Cut the Rope Acts 27:31,32 MP3
Believer of The Way Acts 24-26 MP3
A Heavenly Vision Acts 26:19 MP3
It’s About Time Lord Acts 22-23 MP3
The Whys & Ifs Acts 23:11 MP3
Conflict In Guidance Acts 21 MP3
I Am Ready Acts 21:13 MP3
The Heart of Leadership Acts 20 MP3
Finishing Well Acts 20:24 MP3
Laboring For Christ Acts 18-19 MP3
Laboring Together Acts 18:1-3 MP3
Count Me Faithful Acts 16-17 MP3
Beaten Up, But Praising God Acts 16:25,26 MP3
The Council At Jerusalem Acts 14-15 MP3