Daniel, the teenager who, with his friends, took a stand against a king, against an entire culture and chose to take a stand for his God. The amazing life of Daniel unfolds in this three-part series from Pastor Steve Mays. Live through the fiery furnace, survive the lion’s den, and be blessed by the awesome prophesies given to Daniel about the coming Messiah and the end times heading our way.


Title Scripture Reference Play Download
It’s Time to Shine (Part 3) Daniel 12:3-13 MP3
The King of Destruction (Part 2) Daniel 11:36-45 MP3
It’s Time to Shine (Part 2) Daniel 12:2-3 MP3
It’s Time to Shine (Part 1) Daniel 12:1 MP3
Corrupt by Flatteries Daniel 11:21-35 MP3
The King of Destruction (Part 1) Daniel 11:36-45 MP3
Knowing God Daniel 11:1 MP3
The Worst is yet to Come Daniel 11:2-20 MP3
Seventy Sevens Daniel 9:24-27 MP3
Daniel’s Final Vision Daniel 10 MP3
Reconciliation for Iniquity Daniel 9:24 MP3
Judgment is Coming Daniel 9:1-23 MP3
The Ram, Goat and Little Horn Daniel 8:1-27 MP3
The Coming Kingdom (Part 5) Daniel 7:2-28 MP3
The Coming Christ (Part 3) Daniel 7:9-14, 22,26,27 MP3