In one moment, the universe sprang into existence at the utterance of a few words from the mouth of Almighty God. Journey with Pastor Steve as he takes us in-depth through the book of Genesis. Creation. Humanity. The Fall. Judgment. Grace. Faith. Failure. Forgiveness. It is a gripping portrayal of the transcendent Creator of the universe and the intimacy He has with His creation. It’s a look at the lives of ordinary men and women who learned what it meant to live a life of faith, whose lives had the same struggles, tribulations, and triumphs that we face today.


Title Scripture Reference Play Download
The Saving of a Nation Genesis 46-50 MP3
Lovers of Lies Genesis 50:14-21 MP3
Absolute Surrender Genesis 46:1-7, Psalm 119:25-32 MP3
The Power of Reconciliation Genesis 42-45 MP3
God, Send the Wagons Genesis 45:25-28 MP3
No Greater Love Genesis 37:3, John 15:13 MP3
Back to Bethel Genesis 33-35 MP3
God Has Found Us Out Genesis 44 MP3
And the Lord was with Joseph (Part 3) Genesis 38-41 MP3
Trophies of His Grace Genesis 38:13, Matthew 1:1-6 MP3
And the Lord was with Joseph (Part 2) Genesis 39-41 MP3
And the Lord was with Joseph (Part 1) Genesis 39:1-6 MP3
Say Goodbye to Jacob Genesis 35-37 MP3
It’s Time to Get Right Genesis 35:1-4 MP3
Departing Enemies Genesis 31-32 MP3