Practical Christianity

What does a Christian look like? Does one’s belief in Jesus Christ show forth in the daily routines of life? In this 10-part study of the book of James, Pastor Steve paints a portrait of a mature Christian. By examining God’s Word, Pastor Steve clearly reveals that the everyday actions of a believer do much to show the world just what a Christian is—and isn’t!


Title Scripture Reference Play Download
Camel-Knees James 5:1-20 MP3
The War Inside James 4:1-17 MP3
Spiritual Poverty James 4:1-3 MP3
The World’s Smallest Troublemaker James 3:1-18 MP3
The Tongue James 3:1-9 MP3
Faith That Works James 1:19-2:26 MP3
The Perils of Prejudice James 2:1-5 MP3
Marks of Maturity James 1:1-18 MP3
The Heart of James James 1:1 MP3
Who Stopped the Rain? James 5:13-18, 1 Kings 18 MP3