Sin. It’s a word that even some pastors shy away from, and it’s a concept that the world rejects. Yet God’s Word is clear, “for All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” Sin is no respecter of persons — we all have it and we can't get rid of it by our own means. In these two volume sets from the Book of Judges, Pastor Steve addresses the problem of sin and why we must confront it, deal with it, and repent of it to live fruitful and godly lives.


Title Scripture Reference Play Download
A Miraculous Beginning Judges 13 MP3
Ephraim’s Obnoxious Attitude Judges 12 MP3
The Lust of Revenge (Part 3) Judges 20-21 MP3
Lust At First Sight Judges 14 MP3
Jephthah’s Foolish Vow Judges 11 MP3
Where Are Our Leaders Judges 10 MP3
Anoint Me King Judges 9 MP3
The Sword Of The Lord Judges 6:32-40 MP3
Times of Stripping Judges 7 MP3
The War Is Never Over Judges 8 MP3
I’m A Work In Progress Judges 6:1-31 MP3
A Song Of Glory Judges 5:1-31 MP3
They Forsook The Lord Judges 2:6 - 3:7 MP3
A God Given Victory Judges 4:1-24 MP3
God’s Place For You Judges 3:7-31 MP3