Success Can Be Lethal

What are you living for? Success, wealth, happiness, relationships—too often we are caught up seeking the wrong things only to be left unhappy, unfulfilled and despairing. In this complete, 32-message collection of his popular series, Pastor Steve explores the true meaning of success and the hope of joyous life through a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Title Scripture Reference Play Download
Fearing God Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 MP3
A Wise Teacher Ecclesiastes 12:9-12 MP3
A Little Bird Told Me Ecclesiastes 10:11-20 MP3
Growing Old Gracefully Ecclesiastes 12:1-8 MP3
Conquering Procrastination Ecclesiastes 11:1-6 MP3
The Danger of Folly Ecclesiastes 10:2-10 MP3
Flies in the Ointment Ecclesiastes 10:1 MP3
You’re Still Alive (Part 1) Ecclesiastes 9:1-10 MP3
Why, Why, Why? Ecclesiastes 8:10-17 MP3
Playing it Safe Ecclesiastes 11:4-5 MP3
The Problem With Extremes Ecclesiastes 7:15-29 MP3
Accountable Unto God Ecclesiastes 11:7-10 MP3
The Heart of Wisdom Ecclesiastes 7:1-14 MP3
One Man’s Wisdom Ecclesiastes 9:11-18 MP3
True Godly Authority (Part 2) Ecclesiastes 8:1-9 MP3