The Beatitudes

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gives us Beatitudes — life living applications for daily living. Through this eleven-part series on the ‘Beatitudes’. Pastor Steve will share these words of Christ found in the Gospel of Matthew, and present practical ways a Christian should live in this world as he or she abides in Christ.


Title Scripture Reference Play Download
The Distinction of Christ Matthew 5 MP3
Spiritual Bankrupt Matthew 5:3 MP3
Meekness Not Weakness Matthew 5:5 MP3
Blessed Are They That Mourn Matthew 5:4 MP3
How Hungry Are You? Matthew 5:6 MP3
The Bridge Called Mercy (Part 2) Matthew 5:7 MP3
The Bridge Called Mercy (Part 1) Matthew 5:7 MP3
The Purity of Heart Matthew 5:8 MP3
Troublemakers or Peacemakers? Matthew 5:9 MP3
A Living Rebuke Matthew 5:10-12 MP3
The Beatitudes and Christ Matthew 5:3-12 MP3