This is Your Hour

Pastor Steve uses characters from the Bible to illustrate the importance of how prayer and fasting can change a nation. There is nothing more important than for us to draw close to God. We can put ourselves in a position where we can hear God, intercede for God and ask Him to break the evil that is so prevalent today. We are to stand in the gap and pray—not to criticize. Like Nehemiah who asked God to change the heart of the king, we believe that God holds the heart of our nation and its leaders and can change or wake people up and bring healing. This is our hour to see God set the wicked free from the bondage of Satan, free the burdened heart, and release the broken spirit by healing the hurt.


Title Scripture Reference Play Download
God, We Beseech Thee (Part 5) Jonah 3:8-10 MP3
God, We Beseech Thee (Part 5) 2 Chronicles 34:1-4 MP3
God, We Beseech Thee (Part 4) Daniel 9:1-27 MP3
God, We Beseech Thee (Part 3) Ezra 9:1-15 MP3
God, We Beseech Thee (Part 2) Nehemiah 9 MP3
God, We Beseech Thee (Part 1) Isaiah 58:1-14 MP3