Victorious Living

Do you know the promises God has for you? Have you been victorious in the battles you face? Do you recognize what and where your ‘lot’ in life is? These are just a few questions that are answered in this amazing expositional study given through the book of Joshua by Pastor Steve. You will understand the contrast of the law and the promised land. You will learn that possession was always conditional upon obedience to the Lord. This journey of receiving the promised land will have conflicts AND conquests. This set provides practical application that will apply to every believer today.


Title Scripture Reference Play Download
Whom Will Ye Serve (Part 2) Joshua 24:1-15 MP3
The Graveyard Joshua 24:29-33 MP3
Whom Will Ye Serve (Part 1) Joshua 24:1-15 MP3
A Great Stone Joshua 24:25-28 MP3
Everyone Has a Lot in Life Joshua 17:14-18 MP3
The Human Heart Joshua 24:1-14a MP3
Dangers of Misunderstandings Joshua 22 MP3
Ministers of the Gospel Joshua 21:1-45 MP3
Passing the Torch Joshua 23 MP3
A Life of Sacrifice Joshua 21:12,13 MP3
A Place To Run Joshua 20:1-9 MP3
Doing Nothing Joshua 18-19 MP3
Three Great Giants Joshua 15:14 MP3
Give Me This Mountain Joshua 14:1-15 MP3
Taking or Talking Joshua 11 MP3