Why Serve?

In some respects, the book of Mark is considered a textbook on servanthood. Strengthen your commitment to be a disciple of Jesus as Pastor Steve takes you through his landmark study. Follow along as he shares insights on how we can follow the example of Jesus, and learn how to become a servant of the Most High God.


Title Scripture Reference Play Download
But Go Your Way Mark 16:7-14 MP3
The Empty Tomb Mark 16:5-7 MP3
How Christ Suffered Mark 15:15-47 MP3
Failure is Not Fatal Mark 14:54-72 MP3
How a Life is Changed Mark 15:21 MP3
Facing Your Cross Mark 14:27-52 MP3
Is it I, Lord? Mark 14:12-26 MP3
I Am Not Ashamed Mark 14:1-9 MP3
Doomsday (Part 3) Mark 13:24-37 MP3
Hypocrisy Exposed Mark 11:12-21 MP3
Total Commitment Mark 10:17-22 MP3
They Were in the Way Mark 10:23-52 MP3
If Looks Could Kill Mark 11:11 MP3
Hosanna Hosanna Mark 11:1-11 MP3
The Back Roads Mark 9:30-37 MP3