We Have Not Because We Ask Not

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Until now you have asked nothing in My name.
Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.
John 16:24
John 16:24

The Bible says that you have not, because you ask not. So if you are lacking something—relationships, funds, skills, material needs, etc.—you ask. If you are struggling in any areas of your life—you ask. If your kids are driving you crazy, you ask God to do a work in their lives. If you’re not happy with who you are; if you don’t see your life having meaning, then you ask God to change the direction or path that you are taking. God is looking today for men and women who will come to an understanding of what it means to ask. He’ll take our poverty and turn it into plenty. He’ll take the pity, the sorrow or regret, and turn it into power. God will do something unbelievable in our lives. We will be baptized with the Holy Spirit, so that when we speak, we can speak with authority. When we stand before people, we will not fear them. When we are able to minister, we hold forth the word of life. You see, when men and women are willing to talk to God, God will change their lives. And that’s the key—God is willing. We have not, because we ask not.